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Ashley + Vince’s Wedding – Gilcrease Museum – Oct 4, 2014

Ashley & Vince’s wedding video is here!
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October has been such a busy month for us, but we are finally getting the pictures and videos from our first few events!

I met Ashley, Vince, and Ashley’s parents over Thanksgiving weekend last year, and it was a match from the start! Ashley and Vince live in Colorado, so we planned mostly via FaceTime and email. If you are planning from afar, pictures are definitely worth a 1,000 words. We had so much fun with this couple!

This stunning wedding at Gilcrease Museum was one for the record books: Drapery from floor to ceiling, lots of bling, candelabras, and tons of gorgeous flowers…and did you see that amazing cake?! Thank you to the entire design team for all of your hard work!

Design Team:
Design, Drapery, Crystals & Coordination – Concepts Weddings & Design
Floral Design – The Bridal Garden
DJ & Lighting – Banks Entertainment
Photography – Brittney Ashton Photography
Letterpress Invitations Design & Printing – J. Traczyk Creative
Cake – Ms. Laura’s Cakes
Rentals – ABCO Party Rentals
Candelabras – Party Perfect Linens & Rentals
Transportation – Galaxy Limo
Venue & Catering – Gilcrease Museum
Makeup – Faccia Bella
String Quartet – Brava Quartette
Wedding Film – Juliet Films


Wedding Vendor Wednesday! – Invitations

Hi gang!

Happy Wednesday! We are right in the middle of the beginnings of “Busy Season” again…where did January & February go?! While we’ve had a few events pop up here and there, we have enjoyed a couple of free Saturdays for the first time since…August? But now, we are officially back to “I have a Saturday free in November” speak. Even with those relaxing Saturdays, we’ve been working overtime on a few projects that we can announce soon. All I can say now is that we are expanding again. 2014 is really going to be an amazing year!

Today, I want to shine a spotlight on another hard-working wedding vendor. In fact, we are going to do this for a few Wednesdays…we’re calling it Wedding Vendor Wednesday. We work with vendors on a daily basis, fine tuning the details of our clients’ events. While there are some questionable vendors out there, I wanted to take a moment to recognize those that deserve some praise. Today, I’d like to showcase J. Traczyk Creative!

Jason Traczyk (pronounced tray-sick) is a leading designer in Tulsa. He specializes in graphic design, logo creation, branding, and social media marketing. I can confidently say he is the best graphic designer in town. He goes beyond the page and really puts meaning into each creation. Below are some of the designs he has created for Concepts clients:

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As you can tell from the above images, his designs are completely original…a custom design for each couple. Each monogram tells a story about the couple and their wedding look. Here are 2 more ideas for use of your custom monogram:

J. Traczyk Creative, Concepts PR, Concepts Weddings, Tulsa weddings, Oklahoma weddings, custom monogram, wedding monogram, invitation design, wedding invitation design, Jason Traczyk, Meghan Hurley

Again, these are just examples of looks he has created for others. What design would reflect you and your significant other? What other ways could you tie your monogram into your wedding?

Check out J. Traczyk Creative for yourself and enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!

– Meg


2013 – A year in review

Good morning!

It’s a bitter cold morning in Tulsa, but there are a lot of brides buzzing around planning for their wedding. While we having been buzzing around with our brides, we haven’t had time to post many updates. So, let me take this time to let you know what we’ve been up to!

First, we have some exciting changes happening within the company. Our resident graphic designer, J. Traczyk Creative, has been re-working our logo and our web site. We should be releasing the new look later this week. I cannot tell you how great it is to have one of the best designers in the area working on your company’s image as well as many of my clients’ printing needs. With the changes it means we’ll be more involved in social media this year: more posts on facebook, twitter, instagram, and pinterest. It’s such an exciting time around here!

Crystal Ball, NYE, Tulsa NYE, IDL Ballroom, Concepts PR, Meghan Hurley, Tom Green, Angie Green, Tulsa Crystal BallWhat else have we been up to? Last week, we designed our 4th Crystal Ball NYE Masquerade Party at IDL Ballroom. It’s a 14,000 sq. ft building with 3 venues, 3 styles, and LOTS of crystals. This year, like every year, I changed up the layout a bit, upgraded furniture, and changed the menu. This year, we incorporated a dessert bar from Ludger’s Catering and delicious custom macarons from Antoinette Baking Co.. We added an amazing ice sculpture from Millennium Ice Company to complete the look. Tulsa Crystal Ball, Crystal Ball, NYE, Tulsa NYE, Concepts PR, IDL Ballroom, Meghan Hurley, Tom Green, Angie GreenThis year, IDL has been undergoing some major audio-visual upgrades, including a house sound system for iPods, incorporated DJ packages, adding a dynamic LED uplighting package, and…are you ready for this?…adding environmental projection packages. With all of those changes, our 4th Annual Crystal Ball was the best design yet! And better yet? We sold out! 1,000 ticketholders partied the night away with us on New Year’s Eve. Thank you again to Tom & Angie Green for continuing to raise the bar for this and all of their events.

As far as weddings and other events go, we have had a lot of pre-booking season bookings. Remember the California couple we met with via FaceTime from Santa Fe? Well, we booked them! The bride & groom flew in from California for a week in December, and we booked vendors and settled on a gorgeous design.

During Thanksgiving weekend, we also booked a Colorado couple for our last October 2014 wedding. The bride flew in after New Year’s, and we tackled yet another marathon planning session on Friday and Saturday. While we still have a few vendors to book when the groom comes back with her in February, we knocked out the design, the florist, catering, photography, videography and rentals. It’s going to be a fabulous wedding at Gilcrease, and we cannot wait!

So, 2014 is going to be a very exciting year. We have June & October completely booked out with weddings and events, but we still have plenty of other months to help brides plan their big day!

To close out 2013, I’d like to say thank you to all of our wonderful brides and grooms, vendors, families, companies, and my wonderful staff (Kristy, you are the wind beneath my wings! Haha!) for making it a very productive year. Personally, I endured a great loss with the passing of my grandmother on New Year’s Eve 2012, but every single one of my brides reached out and offered me a support I didn’t know existed. Each one of you has completed your journey with my company, but you have no idea the impact you have had on my life and we will continue to be friends and family. And that’s why, no matter how crazy it gets or how exhausted I feel (I’m talking to you, December!), I love what I do. I love my clients. I love my vendors. Thank you all for showing me that there is so much more to this career than the events we create. Thank you for adding me to your family. You are all in mine, and there is much catching up that will be done in the next couple of months.

Love you all.
– Meg


Weekend Recap / Greetings from Santa Fe

Hello friends!

I’m writing today’s blog from a Starbucks in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It’s nice to get away from Tulsa every now and then, and after last week’s events, it is much needed!

Two very cool events took place on Saturday: Global Table Experience at Philbrook Museum of Art and Jacky & Alex’s wedding at All Souls Unitarian Church.
Global Table Experience, Philbrook Museum, Concepts PR, Sasha Martin, Global Table, Restaurant Supply, Justin Thompson, Libby Auld, Argie Lewis Flowers
Global Table Experience was a collaboration every step of the way. From the amazing staff at Philbrook, the 16 culinary geniuses that donated their time, talent, and food, Argie Lewis Flowers for their beautiful colorful floral creations, Eisenhower School for their culture boxes and globes, Restaurant Supply for their donation of servingware, and my amazing staff & the volunteers that invested their time and labor, this event was a massive undertaking, to say the least. Sasha Martin’s dream of a table filled with dishes from every country in the world came true on Saturday afternoon. The most difficult part of the whole event was coordinating 16 chefs through 2 small entrances to deliver over 175 dishes in under an hour, but it all happened beautifully and perfectly. With the public lining up and snaking around the entire main entrance of Philbrook, we were able to open exactly at 1PM with no issues. It. Was. Incredible. Over 375 people were able to sample (and some more than sampled…hahaha!) dishes from every part of the world. We color-coordinated the colors of the linens to the colors of the continents on the brochure, and then decorated with fun toys and figurines from different countries. Not one person was turned away, and everyone left happy. It was amazing.

Concepts PR, Artworks Photography, Signature Flowers, DIY Lighting, All Souls Unitarian Church, Evoke Espresso Bar, Trimmins by Timmons, ABCO RentsJacky and Alex’s wedding a couple of hours later was a relaxed, romantic affair just a few blocks away. The centerpieces from Signature Flowers were adorned with moss, candles, and delicate orchids. The earthy/fall colors were subtle, but very elegant. Everything flowed beautifully, and the weather was perfect!Concepts PR, Artworks Photography, Signature Flowers, All Souls Unitarian Church, Evoke Espresso Bar, ABCO Rents, Trimmins by Timmons

And now I sit in Santa Fe, about to head to an art gallery before another event tonight! Which brings up another point: I love technology!

As a business owner, traveling while 90% of your business is in one geographical location scares the crap out of me. I worry about everything. I worry about missing important calls, deliveries, meetings, etc. This morning, I was able to conduct a conference call via FaceTime from my hotel room while Kristy met with a potential new client in from California. Technology is awesome (although my hotel has really crappy wifi). In fact, we have planned several weddings and events with Skype and FaceTime. Last month’s birthday bash was primarily planned with texts, FaceTime, and pictures. We’ve had a number of couples from all over the US (and even other countries) that ask if it’s possible to plan an event from afar. The short answer is yes! We have done it and will continue to do it. Even our busy Oklahoma brides don’t always have time for a face-to-face, so we Skype. I even Skyped with a photographer 2 weeks ago…again, technology is awesome.

So, from 650 miles away, I sign off. Have a great day!


Jimmy & Rhonda’s 50th Birthday Bash

Concepts PR, Tulsa event planner, Meghan Hurley, event planning, 50th birthday, birthday party, black and white theme, Gatsby theme, 1920s theme, 1930s theme, 1940s theme, casino games, photo booth, DJ, Banks Entertainment, Cheers Photobooth, SRO Productions, Party Perfect, ABCO, feather towerOur Friday night was spent at the Bartlesville Community Center celebrating Jimmy & Rhonda’s 50th birthday (not the same day, but they throw a joint party). We had a blast making their black-and-white themed party a success! The party featured casino games, Banks Entertainment as our evening DJ, Cheers Photobooth, and fun door prizes.

Because of the height of the studio theatre’s ceilings, we decided to go big with the feather towers. They added A LOT with less, which helped with our tight setup timeline.

Thank you to Ann’s Bakery, Banks Entertainment, Cheers Photobooth, Lisa Welch at Bartlesville Community Center, ABCO Rents, Party Perfect Linens & Rentals, and SRO Productions for knocking this one out of the park!

Check out our gallery below:


Amanda & Zach’s Baby Shower

Concepts PR, Tulsa event planner, Meghan Hurley, event planner, baby shower, boy baby shower, baby boy, blue, gerber daisy, mason jar, baby shower decor, event decor, chalkboard, Dilly Deli, Oklahoma event planner, Oklahoma baby shower, baseball bat guest book, guest book, baseball bat, vintage sports, vintage sports baby shower, chalkboard baby shower, blue soda, diaper bottlePhew! We’ve had a whirlwind of events around here, and now we get to show you some of the fun pictures we captured from last week’s Couples Baby Shower at Dilly Deli!

Amanda and Zach are a couple of months away from Jackson’s due date, but Amanda’s S.A.M. (Self-Appointed Mom), Jennifer, wanted to gift them a big baby shower that all their friends and family could attend.

Concepts PR, Tulsa event planner, Meghan Hurley, event planner, baby shower, boy baby shower, baby boy, blue, gerber daisy, mason jar, baby shower decor, event decor, chalkboard, Dilly Deli, Oklahoma event planner, Oklahoma baby showerWhen Jen called us, she was in the middle of a move, and needed someone that would just take over running the event. And that’s what we do best! We started with the invitation that Jen & Amanda had picked out…lots of fun colors, not just blue. Also, she wanted chalkboards. So, we played with a secret idea board on Pinterest (a great tool to share your ideas through pictures), and then took it beyond!
Concepts PR, Tulsa event planner, event planner, Meghan Hurley, Concepts Events, Tulsa baby shower, vintage sports baby shower, mason jars, baby boy shower, blue, chalkboard, gerber daisy, Dilly Deli, couples baby shower
With over 60 guests in attendance, we turned the focus from baby shower games and ice breakers to the conversation…and presents!

Concepts PR, Tulsa event planner, Meghan Hurley, event planner, baby shower, boy baby shower, baby boy, blue, gerber daisy, mason jar, baby shower decor, event decor, chalkboard, Dilly Deli, Oklahoma event planner, Oklahoma baby shower, baseball bat guest book, guest book, baseball bat, vintage sports, vintage sports baby shower, chalkboard baby showerFor my team, it was such a pleasure to throw such an awesome shower for 2 people that really mean the world to their family and friends…every time someone would call in to RSVP, we would hear how special Amanda and Zach were.

Concepts PR, Tulsa event planner, Meghan Hurley, event planner, baby shower, boy baby shower, baby boy, blue, gerber daisy, mason jar, baby shower decor, event decor, chalkboard, Dilly Deli, Oklahoma event planner, Oklahoma baby shower, baseball bat guest book, guest book, baseball bat, vintage sports, vintage sports baby shower, chalkboard baby shower, baseball onesiesCongrats again to Amanda and Zach. And a very special thank you to Jennifer for hosting the event. Jen, you are an amazing, loving, and giving person and I am so honored to have worked with you on this party. I can’t wait for lunch next week!
Concepts PR, Tulsa event planner, Meghan Hurley, event planner, baby shower, boy baby shower, baby boy, blue, gerber daisy, mason jar, baby shower decor, event decor, chalkboard, Dilly Deli, Oklahoma event planner, Oklahoma baby shower, baseball bat guest book, guest book, baseball bat, vintage sports, vintage sports baby shower, chalkboard baby shower, dessert table, cake balls, baby shower cupcakes

– Meg


Baby Shower Sneak Peek!

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Another busy fall week here at Concepts PR & Event Design! We have the honor of throwing a vintage sports themed baby shower for Amanda this Friday at Dilly Deli. We wanted to share with you some of the pics from our vision board.

Due to the hostess’s busy schedule, we have been working together via text and Pinterest to put this event together. We’ve utilized Pinterest’s secret boards to keep a lot of the details as a surprise for the Mom-to-Be!

We may do a lot of weddings, but it’s so much fun getting to design other events, too! This couple’s shower will feature guy-friendly games, lots of dessert options, and fun door prizes. We’ll also be adding some colorful floral arrangements, blue mason jars, pennant flags, tulle balls, and plenty of vintage sports items.

We CANNOT wait!

Cheers & Happy Monday!

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