Global Table Experience | Philbrook Museum of Art

Chef and author Sasha Martin, along with Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Philbrook Museum of Art, enlisted event planner Meghan Hurley of Concepts Weddings & Events to coordinate the Global Table Experience, featuring 175 dishes from 175 countries, during the Philbrook Museum of Arts’ Annual Fall Fest, the museum’s free public event.


Coordinating 16 deliveries from local chefs, caterers, and culinary schools.

Food, prepared off-site, required immediate placement in chafing dishes minutes before opening, in order to maintain proper temperature.

Moving large amounts of people through a food tasting, without being hurried.

Planned to be held on the Philbrook Museum’s south garden, weather forecasts, as they do in Oklahoma, quickly changed to rain.



A generous volunteer staff coordinated through Concepts Weddings & Events and the Philbrook Museum of Art ensured that all participants were served.

Fortunately when weather proves problematic, Meghan has a Plan B coordinated for all her events. ¬†Working with the Philbrook, Meghan was able to reroute food vendor deliveries and create a pedestrian traffic plan utilizing the Philbrook’s Entry Foyer and Gallery spaces to showcase the tremendous labor of love by local chefs and food vendors. ¬†Ultimately, the choice to move indoors proved to be a bigger success in terms of serving the large crowd gathered, by organizing and expediting people through the tasting.