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Bridals – How to work WITH the weather!

Andrea Bridals
So, here’s the story of how this stunning bridal session came to be:

Andrea is probably one of the most patient brides I’ve ever worked with…she just rolls with the punches and takes everything in stride. Her bridals had been rescheduled due to lots of rain, and this was the last chance to get bridals taken before her big day. And then we got the news…snow!

So, I talked to April with Faccia Bella (makeup/hair), Jesse with Jesse Reich Photography and finally Andrea to work out the details…have you ever played middle man before? This is basically what I do for a living!

Anyway, Andrea really wanted an outdoor session, and after talking with her photographer, the idea of a snowy bridal session got all of us excited!

The next day, the snow came and blanketed Tulsa. We started with an indoor session at Enso because of its urban look and exposed brick walls. Finally, the time came to move to Woodward Park. Andrea was such a trooper!!! It was FREEZING out, but she pushed through without a single cringe! She brought with her a white sheet to protect the under skirt of her dress, and I trudged ahead to lay it out where her dress would fall. With some adjustments and careful stepping, we got this gorgeous shot.

So, here’s my two cents for the day: when dealing with unpredictable weather patterns (always a problem in Oklahoma), my advice is to look for the possibilities in what the weather brings and NOT the impossibilities. Because we worked with what IS instead of trying to work around it, she’s probably the only bride in Oklahoma to get a shot like this in the last couple of years!
Andrea bridals 2

Thank you to April and her team at Faccia Bella, Jesse Reich Photography, and Andrea for helping make this shot possible! Also, thanks to my awesome assistant with the magical sewing skills…she created Andrea’s headpiece and black sash all from scratch!

Wedding Day pics to come soon!

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