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Hi gang!

Happy Wednesday! We are right in the middle of the beginnings of “Busy Season” again…where did January & February go?! While we’ve had a few events pop up here and there, we have enjoyed a couple of free Saturdays for the first time since…August? But now, we are officially back to “I have a Saturday free in November” speak. Even with those relaxing Saturdays, we’ve been working overtime on a few projects that we can announce soon. All I can say now is that we are expanding again. 2014 is really going to be an amazing year!

Today, I want to shine a spotlight on another hard-working wedding vendor. In fact, we are going to do this for a few Wednesdays…we’re calling it Wedding Vendor Wednesday. We work with vendors on a daily basis, fine tuning the details of our clients’ events. While there are some questionable vendors out there, I wanted to take a moment to recognize those that deserve some praise. Today, I’d like to showcase J. Traczyk Creative!

Jason Traczyk (pronounced tray-sick) is a leading designer in Tulsa. He specializes in graphic design, logo creation, branding, and social media marketing. I can confidently say he is the best graphic designer in town. He goes beyond the page and really puts meaning into each creation. Below are some of the designs he has created for Concepts clients:

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As you can tell from the above images, his designs are completely original…a custom design for each couple. Each monogram tells a story about the couple and their wedding look. Here are 2 more ideas for use of your custom monogram:

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Again, these are just examples of looks he has created for others. What design would reflect you and your significant other? What other ways could you tie your monogram into your wedding?

Check out J. Traczyk Creative for yourself and enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!

– Meg

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